5 Best Alternatives Sites Like ChatPig

Are you an active member of ChatPig? ChatPig is an amazing video chatting platform where people find strangers and chat with them.

The creators designed ChatPig with simple features offering three simple controls, i.e., Start, Stop and Report.

The platform is a huge social community where members from different countries participate.

Registering as a member is simple! Visit the site, enter your nickname, select whether you are a guest or member depending on your interest of spending time, select your gender and select the Party depending on your interest. Finally, select the ‘Enter‘ button.

You can find active members on the platform and make a list of the users you wish to chat! You are free to select the members. You can find active members on the site anytime.

Being a member, you can handle audio and set up Auto Next and easily browse to find webcam users. You will find numbers of members having the same interests as you do.

The members have to fulfil the eligibility criteria to access the site. If you don’t fulfil the eligibility criteria, the site will ban you or if any other reports about you, you may face difficulties while chatting.

If you are not satisfied with ChatPig, you can opt for its alternative sites. On this page, you will get the list of five best alternative sites like ChatPig.

1. Chatroulette

Chatroulette is one of the best alternative sites for ChatPig. Chatroulette is a popular video chatting platform offering amazing features to chat with strangers.

The site has a massive user base and offers the best option to the users to find strangers with similar interest.

You can pick strangers from the random list and start chatting with them. Communicate with the strangers in a friendly online atmosphere.

2. RouletteB

RouletteB is an amazing online chatting platform. You can start chatting with girls picking from the random list.

You can start chatting by sending an invitation to the girls from across the globe. After the girls accept your friend request, you can arrange a date with the girls.

You can move ahead to build a relationship with the right girl. You can find a huge list of girls interested in making strangers as friends and building a relationship.

3. ChatVille

ChatVille is a free video chatting site for adults seeking real and unlimited amateur features on the platform.

This platform incorporates excellent video chatting features along with social networking features that together combine to create a nightclub like online experience.

The users can access the site and enjoy watching, seducing and tempting the selected users. ChatVille offers a personal room for the users seeking a private space to video chat without any restrictions.

4. Chatrandom

Chatrandom is an online medium, offering video chat services. You can pick users from across the world from the random list and connect with them.

The users enjoy the video chatting experience with strangers with similar thoughts. This platform offers a couple of features ensuring to create a friendly atmosphere to make the video chatting experience more exciting!

Access the site and click on the ‘Start‘ button to get started. Select the users you wish to chat with and get connected with them to start chatting.

5. FaceBuzz

FaceBuzz is a gaming based video chatting site. The users can connect with like-minded people from across the world.

FaceBuzz is a great alternative for online chatting sites like ChatPig for offering many similar chatting features. It incorporates instant video chatting system with which the users can connect with other users active on FaceBuzz.

You can make friends with strangers in real time. Access the site and search for the list of active users. If you find interesting people and have interests to chat with them initiate your steps and get connected with them.

You need to meet the eligibility criteria to start using the video chatting features.

Chat stats:

Site Name Country Active Online Users Active Since Registration
Chatroulette France 19000 2009 Free & Premium
RouletteB USA NA 2015 Free
Chatville US 1400 1997 Free
Chatrandom USA 50000 2010 Free
Facebuzz Canada NA 1997 Free


Several other online video chatting sites are available. The sites get ranked by their features, popularity, user base and reach.

The sites mentioned above are very popular across the world and among the people interested in making friends with strangers from different regions of the world.


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