What is The Meaning of hmm in Chat?

Lately, there are a lot of abbreviations that people are using on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Telegram while chatting.

Some of these are quite often used in conversations. However, a lot of time people don’t even know the complete meaning of these abbreviations. It can turn the meaning of a conversation into a whole new perspective.

Today I will be telling you about such an abbreviation which is ‘hmm‘. In this article, we will be covering what is ‘hmm’ in a conversation, why people use ‘hmm’ in a chat conversation, and what is the full form of ‘hmm’.

What is ‘Hmm’ in chat Conversation?

The word ‘hmm’ is an abbreviation used while chatting online. Hmm is a sound that one makes while thinking, hesitating, or agreeing on something.

For example, suppose your friend asks you ‘Are you coming to the party?’ You can reply ‘Hmm, maybe that will show that you haven’t decided yet whether to go or not to the party or that you are not very interested in going to the party.

Why do people use ‘Hmm’ while chatting?

The word ‘Hmm’ on its own is a very neutral expression that is neither positive nor negative. So people use it often when they are confused, not sure what to say, or simply avoid talking/replying. Plus using ‘hmm’ while chatting is much easier than answering a question or replying to a lot of people.

The word ‘Hmm’ can be used on many different occasions to show excitement ‘Hmmm!’ Just add a few more m to it with an exclamation mark; to show sorrow ‘Hm’ accompanied by some sad face emojis, and to many other senses we can use it.

hmm meaning in chat

Full-Form of ‘Hmm’

The Internet is a fun place to be, although the word/abbreviation ‘Hmm’ doesn’t have a specific full form given by experts. People have their versions of it. So let’s have a look at some full form of ‘Hmm’:-

  • Hmm: Hug Me More (you can use it with your loved ones while being all romantic in the chats)
  • Hmm: Hey! Marry Me ( this version of hmm can be used with your crush or romantic partner you want to marry)
  • Hmm: Hot Men Meat (this is how girls use Hmm to refer to a handsome man around them)
  • Hmm: Hair Makeup Matters (this version of hmm is used by all the makeup artists around as well as fashion influencers who love to have a steady hair and make-up look)
  • Hmm: How Much Mate (use it to ask someone the number of things you want or how much time they will need to finish a task)

Other Commonly Used Abbreviations

You didn’t come here just to know the meaning of one abbreviation. Well even if you did, I am still going to tell you a few other commonly used abbreviations on the internet and how you can use them.

Y: Why? (people use Y instead of why on the internet because the pronunciation is the same. You can use it as a question)

BRB: Be Right Back (use it to say that you are returning soon)

BBS: Be Back Soon (use this in the chats to indicate that you will be leaving for now but will join soon)

HBD: Happy Birthday Day (use it to wish some on their birthday but do add some emojis or else it will sound like a formality)

TTYL: Talk To You Later (use this abbreviation while signing off a conversation as a way to say ‘bye’)

BTW: By The Way (use this as a connecting phrase or to give an extra piece of information as an afterthought)

J4F: Just For Fun (add this to a text message where you have sent a message that some people may take seriously. This shows that your message is not intended to hurt anyone)


So there is not one, not two but various meanings of ‘Hmm’. Enjoy this abbreviation according to your preference in different chat conversations.

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